have a lovely weekend!

by - 17:01

What are all of you up to this weekend?

I'm planning on enjoying it by doing the following:

1. Celebrate this girl's birthday with dinner at the famed Taco Bus!

2. Have cocktails with the birthday girl at our favorite watering hole.

3. Watch this movie. (Have you ever seen this? I haven't!)

4. Continue reading Infinite Jest. (How intimidating!)

5. Have either beignets here or
magical buttermilk pancakes here.

6. Scope out a garage sale, perhaps?

7. Go to Mazzaro's for some shopping and a
well-worth-the-wait cappuccino!

8. Enjoy a Sunday matinée, maybe?

9. Have the in-laws over for dinner consisting
of this and this and loads and loads of wine!

10. Take a long walk.

11. Sleeeeeeep in.

12. Have an IKEA field trip!

13. Make-out.


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  1. how was the movie? i haven't seen it either...

    your list is SO cute. really makes me wish we could hang out!


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