stone & honey.

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My lovely girlfriend Andrea introduced me to some of the most beautiful necklaces I've ever seen. The Smallthings Studio in Portland, OR created a sister-company making more pretty jewelry for us! They recently launched Stone & Honey.

...this new and innovative collection features bold,
ethereal pieces fashioned from brazilian agate and
our signature delicate metalwork. crisp geometric
design combines with the rough-hewn beauty of
natural agate for a look that is modern, eye catching
and rich in contrast. because no two stones are alike,
each piece is one of a kind. this singularity allows for
endless possibilities and a collection that is constantly
evolving. in addition to work in agate and sterling silver,
we've also created a complementary line of delicate gold
fill necklaces, perfect for everyday wear. stone and honey
marks the beginning of an entirely new direction for the
smallthings studio...

There you have it. Yet another wonderful Portland-based shop.

{P.S. I think my Portland affinity is just as big as my Swedish affinity...}


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