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What lovely stationery made from recycled maps! Are you a fan of letter-writing? I'm talking, old-fashioned, pen and paper, sit down at the table, letter-writing. I certainly am and wish I had more time to do it more often. Take today, for instance. I actually took the time to write my friend Kate in Tokyo a proper letter. And let me tell you something, words just look and sound better when you write them instead of type them. There is an air of melancholy with me today and I don't know why. But no matter, I am trucking along. Writing that letter seemed to have helped. What do you guys do when you're feeling pensive?


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  1. i loove letter writing! and i NEED this stationary! thanks for posting it! :)


  2. When my friend threw a New York themed party for her 30th, I made an envelope from a NY subway map. She loved it and it looked awesome, but it took me FOREVER. This stationary looks like an easier way out!

  3. these are gorgeous!

    It's a shame we all don't write letters more often. I think that receiving a hand-written letter in the mail is one of life's sweetest simple pleasures.

  4. I have always heard it is better to write things down rather than keep them in your head--especially goals, and learning languages and so on. Letter writing is indeed a dying art but is totally uplifting to receive the mail.

  5. I would love to recieve a letter in the mail that wasn't a bill, and hand written? Amazing!


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