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Good morning! Was your weekend everything you'd hoped for and more? Mine was relaxing and low-key, just like every good weekend should be. Now it's Monday which means it's back to the daily grind. But fret not, at least lunch is just around the corner! I'm a big fan of bringing your own lunch to work. You save money, it's more than likely a home-cooked meal, and it just makes you feel better. So, why not tote your lunch in this stackable lunch box from The Spoon Sisters? {I'm not going to lie--I think that $45 is a bit much for a lunch box...but then again, it kind of evens itself out if you think about how much you spend when you actually go out for lunch. Food for thought.}


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  1. I always pack my lunch too! More for the health factor for me though, there is not one fresh or healthy food store/restaurant in any close radius to my office. And all the delivery companies are junk food. Packed lunches for life :D

  2. Oh, I wish I were better about packing my lunch! I'm just not very productive after I get home from work... A lunch box like that, though, that would be inspiration.


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