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Oh, my goodness. I have been waiting for this weekend to come for a looooooong time now. Ryan and I are going up to Gainesville to meet up with our friends Danny and Lulu. And then...we're all taking a road trip up to the panhandle and capital of Florida, Tallahassee. Now, I know that Tallahassee is not exactly a hotbed of fun and exciting adventures (or is it?), but the only reason I am returning there (after nearly six years since I graduated from my alma mater) is because Beach House will be there for their only Florida stop! {Huzzah!!!} For those of you who have not heard them (yet), click here, here, here, and here for some of my favorites. I am so excited to see them, I can't even contain myself (can't you tell?). I LOVE them! And you, my dears? What will you be doing this weekend?


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  1. C Griff23.4.10

    SO freakin' jealous! I have seen them open for Grizzly Bear twice but never headline. Sing along to "Zebra" for me :)

    On my end: bachelor party in NYC and then a nerdy undergrad econ conference at Gtown that is still going strong nine years after I started it. Nothing compared to what awaits you!

  2. You can always stop by Po Boys! :)

  3. That sounds like a great weekend! My weekend will be full of reading and cooking. :) Enjoy!

  4. Hooray for Beach House! Your weekend sounds fantastic! I'll be taking it easy, everything I have wanted to do for the last few weekends but wasn't able to. Enjoy!

  5. +1 on the po-boys. if you happen to be there on friday, a grouper po-boy is a must.

    also, gut box. <3

  6. Anonymous26.4.10

    Get this. Last night I had a dream that Justin left me to date the Victoria, the femme in Beach House. And she had the audacity to come and console me while I was cleaning my stuff out of Justin's place, and told me that he deserved her over me because she was so much sexier and cooler than me, plus she'd have way more sex with him. And I beat her up.
    And then I woke up, and was trying to calm down and fall back asleep, so I snuggled up on Justin, only for him to grumpily wake up saying he was too hot and to go over to my side of the bed.
    And then I fell asleep again and my dream continued, but a few decades later. And I was [for some reason] at Victoria's house, where I observed her growing pot for a living, she was a hot mess, and then the police came and took her away because she was abusing her kid. And theeeen, all of a sudden I was in New England, and like, 60 years old, and ran into Justin on the most perfectly blue skied day with nautical crap everywhere, and I just knew, even though I was waking uip and things got fuzzy, that everything was going to be ok, even though I missed out on my youth being with him.

    And let me tell you, I like bBeach House on Sunday mornings, but COULD NOT handle it this morning. In fact, thinking of listening to Beach House right now is practically infuriating me. I highly regret telling Victoria that I liked her blouse when I saw them live a year ago, that bitch took it to her ego and found her way to my guy.


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