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Happy Monday! This morning, while perusing the interweb, I stumbled upon something pretty awesome. This step-by-step "tutorial" on how to turn a closet into an office is simply amazing. While the color scheme / wallpaper in the closet does not exactly match my own, I do appreciate the compactness of this home office. One day, when Ryan and I have multiple rooms in a house (rather than our studio apartment!), I will set out to turn one of the closets into a secret hideaway office. I love this!


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  1. I am also really into this - such a brilliant idea!

  2. i am (right now) working out of my closet/home office :) it was the only solution i could come up with to transform my 1 bedroom into a place where i could work and live - it's been great. with a mirror, paint, and good lighting, it's feels quite homey! and i have a door i can shut when it's time to "leave the office." he he!

  3. oh my gosh!
    this makes me wishi had a closet just so i could turn it into this!!! :)
    thank you for sharing ur find!


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