interview! (**UPDATED**)

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Not so long ago, I was feeling blue about the job world. But guess what? Today, this girl has an interview with IKEA! I'm feeling a little nervous about it simply because I am nervous in interview-type settings. But more than that, I'm terribly excited! Wish me luck! I'll be sure to keep you all posted.*

{P.S. Aren't these
vintage IKEA catalogs the jam?}

After being so nervous and freaked out over the whole interview process, I walked in and calmly and coolly collected myself. And after nearly a whopping two hours, I was offered the job! Thank you, all, for the well-wishes and luck! All of your good energy and charm was sent my way and I thank you thank you thank you so much!!!


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  1. Good luck! Interviews can be scary!


  2. Good luck! I seriously hate interviews...

  3. I work for Ikea. In fact, I help create those catalogs. Well... the newer ones :-)
    Good luck today!

  4. Good luck! (I hope it's the IKEA in Portland...or at least that they'd let you work from Portland.) :)

  5. Whoah! That was fast! I read that you were applying for the job and got the job all in the same sitting! CONGRATULAAAAATIONS!! What will you be doing? When do you start? It looks like it's time for another catch up. . .

  6. Yay! That was quick! What will you be doing?


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