jab-cross! jab-cross!

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Not so long ago, I posted a little blurb on exercise and how I wanted to get back into it. Well, I'm happy to report that now that the weather has actually warmed up (read: above 70 degrees), I have been riding my bicycle more often and actually going to a kickboxing class twice a week! Let me tell you something. Not only do I feel like I actually did something good for my body, I also feel like I'm getting stronger every time I go. It is such a stress-reliever and punching that bag with everything I've got only makes me feel better about myself and everything else surrounding me. It's like pessimism can't breed in an endorphin-filled environment. I highly recommend taking a kickboxing class (even if you've never done it before)! I promise, it's probably the best form of exercise I've ever done.


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  1. kickboxing? Yikes, that sounds hardcore! good for you T, I'm more a yoga or pilates girl, but perhaps shold release my inner puncher!


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