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by - 08:21 my new mixte! The husband did it again. It didn't matter that it was his birthday yesterday. No no, he decided to surprise me with this bicycle: a mid-to-late 1970's Schwinn Le Tour. It's in pristine condition and rides like a dream. I've been looking for either a Dutch bike or a mixte--basically, something I can ride while wearing dresses and skirts. We're planning on switching out the handlebars to albatross bars and I think I want to add a wire basket to the front so that I can tote my belongings around town. This was such a wonderful and perfect surprise to come home to. I am over the moon!

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  1. Nice work by your hubby! So selfless, it'll look great with the new bars and basket. don't forget to post pics when you're done!

  2. that is so sweet of him! and what an awesome bike! i must confess, i'm a little jealous! :) yellow too? ahhh!!! :)

  3. Anonymous15.4.10

    Beautiful! Yay! I've got a red 1979 Schwinn Suburban, we'd be totally cute riding around together :)

  4. Melina, we WOULD be totally cute riding around together! MUST. MEET. SOON!!!!!


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