happy friday!...and weird dreams.

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I can't remember any of my dreams from last night, which admittedly, is strange to me. You see, I for some reason or another, remember all the vivid details from most dreams I have...and at times, I've been known to talk in my sleep, too. These sleep-talking episodes always coincide with whatever strange dream I'm having at that moment. Yet, I cannot explain why I dream certain things. When Ryan and I had just gotten married (probably a week or so after), we went to bed as we normally do. I startled him a few hours later as I was talking in my sleep and woke him by saying a really cryptically: "How old is the child?" As you can imagine, he was beyond freaked out by this but once he figured out that I was sleeping, he took it upon himself to get me to repeat this question over and over again for his own enjoyment and humor until I finally realized what was happening and disappointingly and embarrassingly cried out, "Oh my god, I'm dreaming...!"

What I was dreaming of that night has since left my memory, but the oddities don't stop there.

Another occasion left me gasping for air as I woke up to the sound of my own voice asking, "What about my bag?" My entire body felt exhausted and my dream was one I cannot forget. Let's just say that it involved my being in a pit where frightening half-hyena-half-man creatures were about to attack me, the leader of the pack having the face of the lead singer of 80s band Fine Young Cannibals (WEIRD, I know, trust me)!

But the weirdest and funniest and strangest dream I had involved car chases, kidnapping, oompa-loompas waiting at bus-stops, dinosaurs grazing on front lawns of houses in our old neighborhood and Metallica's Kirk Hammett saving the day in his beat-up Chevy Monte Carlo with a license tag that read "AXL MD1". To put it mildly, WTF!?

How do these things enter my mind? Why are they so weird? And do any of you have any insight to dreams and dream interpretation? The night before I lost my job, I even had a dream that it would happen. Sure enough, it did! Not to get mystical on all of you, but I mean, seriously. There's gotta be a reason for all of this, no? What do you dream of? And are your dreams ever this weird?


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  1. that's so crazy! and hysterical. :) i don't remember my dreams very often, but simon always talks in his sleep. my favorite quote is: "we should really put that knife down."

    what?! :)

  2. I usually remember my dreams. And they are usually very vivid, colorful and active. Sometimes it's fun...sometimes not. :)

    I've noticed that a lot of my dreams tend to help me work things out in my mind that may have been bugging me. Personally, I think it has to do with what you subconsciously pick up that you don't consciously recognize. That could be why you knew you'd lose your job; you picked up on things that were going on but you just didn't know it.

    This is heavy talk for a Friday... :) Have a great weekend!


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