have a wonderful mother's day weekend!

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Tonight, I'm planning crafting after reading Melina's post on DIY Dahlia corsages! It would be an adorable addition to their gifts, wouldn't you say? And then, this weekend, Ryan and I are taking our moms out to see the symphony in open air for Mother's Day. We're planning on packing a picnic, drinking some wine, and enjoying the spring / summer weather. And you? Are you doing anything special with your moms?

{P.S. Yes, that's me! At the tender age of three-and-a-half months. And yes, that's my mom! Isn't she adorable?}

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful thing to do for mother's day! Unfortunately my mom lives in the U.S. and I live in Sweden, so... The best I can do this year is a Skype date.


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