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The 1950s certainly had their limelight in fashion. Everything looked so good back then which leads me to wonder if people from that era actually knew how good they looked. Talking with Ryan and a friend of ours about this, all three of us wondered whether or not people would look back at this generation and say the same thing. In my opinion, probably not. What do you think? Could you define a really attractive time spanning from the 80s until now? I'd love to know! {P.S. Funny how haircuts, like history, repeat themselves.}


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  1. I don't think we have much originality in our generation with the exception of a few memorable people, but we are much more memorable in our sense of photography and art, so we don't have time to start new fashion trends like the aweful 80s, right?! :) I just know that those women are beautiful and I love classic. LOVE LOVE LOVE classic. I'm not sure there is a more loved timeless period than the 50s. Those women had it goin on sista!

  2. Anonymous2.6.10

    I think it depends. If Sartorialist's photos pop up as the 2000's defining style in history books, then I say we'll probably say we're ok :)

  3. I think that the biggest difference is that dressing up wasn't really a big deal back then. EVERYONE did it, EVERYDAY...nowadays it's totally normal to roll out of the house is yoga pants and a ponytail. I don't think that happened in the 50's. I do think there are extremely stylish people nowadays, but it's such a different feel to me. Ah, how things change. :)

  4. As you know, I am in the process of collecting inventory to open a vintage store online. I have a theory that after the 1980's there has been no major fashion innovation. We are simply recycling earlier fashion trends at this point. I can watch any designers show and it will be like,
    1940's box suit, 1950's New Look, 19060's futuristic mod." All with a modern twist. And even the fashions of the 60's, 70's, and 80's showed previous influences. Like the Victorian influence of the 70's or the 30's Depression influence of the same decade. Etc., etc., etc. That's why I think vintage is here to stay.


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