workin' it.

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It's Monday the 1st of June. JUNE! When did 2010 reach it's mid-point? Time is flying by too quickly and it's starting to freak me out. I've noticed that with every passing year, time has no plans of slowing down. And this week and beyond will only speed things up. You see, for the next nine (yes, that's right) days, I will be working straight through with no days off. Between my office job and my job at IKEA, I will have a full plate ahead. But that's a good thing! Wish me luck for the sake of my sanity! {And let the above quotation be my mantra!}


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  1. sookie1.6.10

    It's "monday" for you, but it's "saturday/sunday" for me! lol! workoholic!

  2. This will be my mantra too :) xo


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