great white buffalo.

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Last night, Ryan and I had date night. You know, a night where you and your loved one just spend time with each other, get dressed up, and do something nice together (like eat a delicious pizza pie and watch a movie on the couch at home while cuddling). In any case, we felt like watching a movie and since I had recently discovered our pay-per-view / on-demand setting on our television, we thought we should take advantage of what was offered. Our decision? "Hot Tub Time Machine". Before we knew it, we were both roaring with laughter over the smattering of one-liners throughout the movie.

The one-liner that stood out for me was: great white buffalo (repeatedly whispered, of course). Hilarious! This "great white buffalo" refers to a person who was once thought of as "the one" but has now turned into "the one that got away."

It got me thinking of people who have this "great white buffalo" in their hearts and how I actually truly believe that everyone has one. What do you think? Do you have a great white buffalo?


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  1. Anonymous28.7.10

    Oh yes, ma'am, I've had me a couple Great White Buffalo...

  2. I thought I had one, but ended up getting to marry him 7 years after I thought he got away. Lucky, lucky me.

  3. CLGJr29.7.10

    I think we both know the answer to that one!

  4. Anonymous9.8.10

    Oh yes, for sure. I have one and only one.


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