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This past Saturday evening, I came home from work and decided to do a closet review. It's been long over-due and it had been on my mind to take a mental inventory of every piece of clothing I own, what I wear, what just hangs there with no prospect of ever being worn, and what just needs to be donated. Interestingly enough, I am pleased to report that what I do have in my closet now is everything I would wear and re-wear over and over again (which really means that I truly don't need to be making purchases as frequently as I do). However, I came to the awful realization that I do, in fact, have a spending habit. A bad one. The accumulation of dresses, skirts, and tops over the past few months is a little out of hand. And I felt so embarrassed by it! This is where all of my money goes?! No wonder. Yikes.

So, I've decided (after the weekend of mulling this over), that I am implementing a very strict shopping ban for, at the very least, the next three months. This means that I will have no frivolous shopping sprees both at brick & mortar stores as well as online (the death of me). None. After the ninety days lets up, I will reassess my ban and decide on whether or not this has enabled me to save.

Wish me luck! The ban starts now.


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  1. CLGJr6.7.10

    I'm gonna hold you to this. Well, as much as I can through the interwebs!

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how this goes ... I'm not brave enough to do it myself! :)

  3. Anonymous6.7.10

    Ohhhh, good luck! Weirdly enough, I've never had a problem with clothes or accessories - I just need to start a shopping ban on groceries and restaurants :)


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