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Have you ever been in a situation where you are feeling ridiculous as every second goes by? By ridiculous, I mean, thoughts like, "Whatthef@$%amIdoinghere? Isthisreallyhappening? Whymewhymewhyme? Arewereallytalkingaboutthis? Getmeoutnow!" occupy your head and you just can't shake them? Well, recently this was one of those moments for yours truly.

Let's just say this: when you haven't seen someone in over ten years, there's probably a reason for it. Where in my right mind did I think that I could actually sit through an hour-long moment with someone who I barely knew and instantly came to the realization that I had nothing in common with? Every ingredient in the awkward stew was used: lots of pauses, uncomfortable laughter, heavy sighing, constant clock-watching, and the worst (!), silent judgment. Stories were exchanged where we both appeared to be enthralled in each other's interests but truly, probably were bored out of our minds...at least I was. I can't really speak for the other half of this most awkward encounter, but from where I stand, I don't think this will be happening again any time soon.


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  1. Anonymous1.9.10

    ah this friday - one of my closest friends i haven't seen in over a year came into town with his new girlfriend. we went to dinner and i immediately knew her and i had nothing in common. awkward, strange, uncomfortable. everything you've said. out of the two hours together i think we spoke a max of ten minutes. i pretended like everything around me was super fascinating. i probably looked like i had severe adhd.

  2. HA!!!! I know exactly what you mean...


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