the art of eating in.

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Although this book came out last year, I only recently got my hands on a copy and have been so inspired by it. The author, Cathy Erway decided on a whim to not eat out while living in New York. And what started out as an challenge turned into a two-year experiment of diligence and commitment. It definitely made me rethink our eating out habits that Ryan and I have become comfortable with. It's not that we eat out for every single meal. That would be absurd. But we do eat out much more often than I'd like to.

Yesterday and last night, we hosted not one, but two housewarming pot-luck parties. The first one started early in the afternoon with both sides of our families over. The table was overflowing with spinach salad, shish-kebabs, potato salad, five-spice chicken, Spanish tortilla, roasted red peppers, ceviche, oodles of Chinese noodles, and an array of desserts including an English trifle, ooey-gooey peanut butter chocolate brownies, and a French mille-feuille. You could say it was sort of a United Nations smörgåsbord. Then, when the families left and our friends came over, another feast was just around the corner. And again, a smattering of different cuisines were presented to us--sweet potato lasagne, napa cabbage rolls with noodles, spicy chickpeas with rice, kale and avocado salad, cheese and asparagus tart, spinach and jalapeño dip inside home-made no-knead bread, oats and dates squares, and fancy deviled eggs.

After yesterday's festivities and while I read this book, I can't help but want to cook-in more often. I love how the idea of a pot-luck just brings everyone together sharing different types of foods, cultures, cuisines, tastes, and ideas. I wish I had taken photos of the dishes last night but I was so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten to! I went to bed thinking that there truly is an art to eating-in and I closed my eyes feeling so warmed by everyone's eagerness to bring what they loved to make and felt so much gratitude and love towards my family and friends.

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  1. I wish I could've been there! Sounds like it was a lot of fun and delicious too!

  2. yummy...all that food sounds delicious. enjoying eating in is all about new foods, good company and being comfortable where you are.


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