one month later.

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Today marks the 1-month anniversary since the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rattled Japan. As it now stands, 13,116 are dead and 14,377 are still unaccounted for. 151,000 survivors are dispersed throughout the 2,300 shelters across the country. Despite the fact that these shelters were places where people could go for heat, running water, and three hot meals during their time of need, they have become a place people want to leave. There is little to no privacy available for those who want to grieve over their loss.

On top of the high emotions among them, there is the constant worry of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as it tries to maintain cooling temperatures so as not to overheat and cause severe nuclear damage to the surrounding areas and all over Japan. Officials even stated today that they would have to enlarge the evacuation area to more than the current 12-miles. This could mean that more people would have to leave what little is left of their homes to seek safety.

The American Red Cross, the Japan Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, along with many other organizations are doing their best to donate to the massive relief effort to help rebuild Japan. Another one of these organization is Relief By Design (remember this print?), a charity started by my brother-in-law where artists can design a print and submit it to the website (some of which you can see above). They are available for purchase on the Tsunami Relief Poster Project website with a $5 donation and are high-resolution images you can print up yourself at home. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross to aid Japan in rebuilding their country.

I don't normally ask people to donate anything to anyone on my blog. But this means the world to me and I know that this cause would give Japan more help. And hope.

Thanks so much.


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