family dinners.

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Growing up, my family never really had a themed dinner night. Dinner was a time for the whole family to get together at the end of the day, sit down, and talk about the day's happenings over a home-cooked meal. And we did this every day. It still surprises me that many families don't get to do this seemingly "normal" activity. That said, our nightly dinners weren't much of an "event" representing any one thing. Ryan's family, however, entertained a semi-regular celebration of each other by having Family Taco Night. There would be a smorgasbord of shredded lettuce and cheese, diced tomatoes and onions, guacamole, and any other fixings one might desire on their taco. And everything would be arranged on a counter-top for you to assemble your taco to your liking. In my mind, this is fantastic. Genius, even! And guess what. Tonight is Family Taco Night! I can't wait. Fiesta! Fiesta!

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