2011 recap.

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 01. 01. 2011:  1st meal of the year--pho!

Valentine's Day weekend.

Cutest niece in the world comes to visit.

Happy 3-year anniversary to us...

...which led to this!

TF + TF-H reunited again.

 We visited Olivia, Beverly, and Adam in Boston!

The belly gets sassy.  (P.S.  It's a GIRL!)

Thanksgiving trip to Asheville, NC.

Christmas card photo.

Back to the future.

Holiday crafting...

...and baking!

Halls decked.

I can't even describe to you in words how much     s     t     u     f     f     actually happened to us in 2011.  Instead, here is a photo log to give you a general idea of how crazy whirlwind our year all went down.  And now it's NYE 2012.  Isn't it insane how quickly the year went by?  Tonight, we plan on a very low-key evening with close friends, dinner, and sparklers at home.  How will you spend yours?

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