bern, baby, bern.

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So excited!  The bicycle helmet I ordered finally arrived in the mail today.  And that means I get to start riding my bicycle again.  Admittedly, I never wore one before (whoops) and now that I have a little girl who I am completely responsible for, I feel kind of stupid not protecting myself from major harm. Like Celia, "getting back to my pre-pregnancy size was, luckily, quite easy for me.  Getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape, however, has been a whole different story."  I told a good friend of mine the other day that my stomach looks like a marshmallow.  Imagine that for a minute:  not pretty.  That said, I loved riding my bike long before I got pregnant and am so looking forward to taking the Queen Bee out for a spin again.  I ordered the Bern Watts because I liked how simple it, I thought it might not clash with any outfit I wore :-)


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  1. great helmet! i have a different model of theirs and love it. the only thing is, they get kind of hot because they don't have a ton of ventilation, so it's good for mild weather, but can get pretty hot in higher temps. i have a second helmet ( ) for hotter weather. giro's aren't as cute as the berns, but definitely airier!!

    congrats on making a great decision to start wearing a helmet!!!

    (ps it sounds like you've done your research, but just in case, )

  2. @rubberneckist

    Thanks so much for reading!! My husband pointed me in the direction of the Giro as well, since we live in Florida. :-) I still prefer the Bern.


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