the dog days of summer.

by - 14:34

It is HOT here in the Sunshine State and, quite frankly, I'm over it.  This whole business of insane humidity, glaring sunshine, and intermittent muggy torrential afternoon downpours on an almost daily basis is seriously wearing thin on me.  I'd like to go to a park somewhere with Anaïs, but it's just too harsh outdoors right now and being cooped up inside all day is no fun.

Which is why I'm so looking forward to a much-needed family beach outing.  It'll be the first time Anaïs will touch sand!  So, the plan is to leave very early in the morning, before it gets too hot.  Maybe we'll even pack a small picnic :-)  How do you like to spend your summer days?


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  1. its super humid and hot and sunny where i am too! good thing my work and home are air conditioned.. this weekend i'm off to the lake with my sister and friend--can't wait!

  2. It's HOT here in Oklahoma too (like 114F hot) with no end in sight. I'm giving this state one more summer after this and then I'm relocating to somewhere cooler. Or at least where I can enjoy the ocean! XO.


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