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Not so long ago, I became the proud owner of a Canon DSLR.  I'd been eyeing a nice camera for a while now and after some long and drawn out research, I finally decided on the Canon Rebel XSi.   And when it turned out that a friend was actually selling hers for an unspeakably low price in mint condition, I had to jump on it.  Honestly, I couldn't be happier with it.  It has both an automatic and a manual function and the picture quality is just beautiful.  It makes someone like me (a person who has never taken a photography class ever) look like I sort of know what I'm doing.  That said, I've been playing around with it and only now decided to upload a couple months' worth of photos (oops).  Now that I feel more comfortable using it, I have a feeling that more photos will be taken (and not just on my iPhone) which means that more adventures are to be had.  Woot!

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