before midnight whispers.

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A few nights ago, we saw "Before Midnight", the third installment in the "Before _________" series.  These movies are each 9 years apart and follow the lives of Jesse and Celine over the course of that time and how their relationship evolves from romantic young 20-somethings to practical complicated 30-somethings to now seasoned and experienced 40-somethings who happen to also be parents.  I don't want to give anything away to those of you who haven't even seen it (or the first two, for that matter), but I will say this:  there was nothing unreal about this last movie.  It's incredible to watch the characters evolve and see what direction their lives have gone.  And I love seeing how they've aged.  There was no CGI or make-up needed to show how time actually physically changed them.  After the movie, I was a little bit shaken.  Not in a bad way, but shaken in that reality check kind of way.

You know those tender intimate moments just before bed where you and the one you love have whispers about everything and nothing all at once?  You recount the day, you plan the next, and you talk about the future.  All of this is a conversation between only the two of you.  No one hears it.  There is nothing between you two except for that moment right then and there.  And the content of the conversation isn't even that important.  It's just that moment.  There is something so compelling and raw about those few seconds before you both drift off into the land of nod and everything feels so right with the world.  Recently, I remember a stranger saying, "Sometimes intimacy in the mundane is the most emotional."  It struck a chord with me simply because those are the moments I treasure.  When my day sometimes feels like it's never ending or when I want my day to continue forever, it's that time where everything is breathy and dreamy.  It's what I look forward to every single night.  It's the small things, really.  Sometimes, that's all it takes to be reminded of how beautiful life can be.


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