the stuff of dreams.

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A few weeks ago, we returned from a week-long excursion to Paris. Only now do I feel like I can actually write about it and yet I am still trying to recap and recount everything we did. It rained for most of the days that we were there. The streets were wet and the skies were monochromatic but there was something about that setting that gave Paris both more mystery and romance than it already has. Despite the weather, people huddled together arm in arm under umbrellas and still enjoyed cocktails and coffee in the covered outdoor seating areas of the cafés.

On the day that we were leaving, I remember sitting on the tarmac reflecting on this trip and how significant it was for me, for my relationship, for us. Paris will always hold a place in my heart and even more so now. During my childhood, it was the stuff of dreams. Somehow, in my adult life, those dreams became a reality in a week's time after months of planning. Paris isn't a place you go with just anyone, you know? You hope to go with someone with whom you are just head-over-heels in love. So when that actually happens, your mind is blown and your heart races because you never thought it possible. Or perhaps, you did think it was possible. Doesn't everything then become even more amazing than you could have ever thought it could be?

This trip was not at all what we had expected, but definitely better than anything we could have ever imagined it to be. I didn't know what to expect, to be honest, but I also knew that it would be unlike any trip we'd ever taken before.

Paris was called "The City of Light" during the Age of Enlightenment because of its progressive education and ideas. It was innovative and cutting-edge. With new ideas come a lot of cynicism and criticism. Some people are excited and want to know more, others are offended and are deeply rooted in the ways of the past. Paris shined so bright then and proved itself to the rest of the world, also earning the nickname "The City of Love". People started paying attention and eventually, sooner than later, Paris became one of the world's most beloved cities. The same can be said about this relationship, don't you think? I'm not saying that we're becoming one of the world's most beloved couples, obviously. But there are similarities in that people were critical or offended and there were the others who were just dying to sneak more peeks into our world. There is no one else I could have imagined taking this trip with. It says something about our dynamic as well as the direction this is headed. Of course, there was a moment when I got caught up in all the romance. It would be impossible not to. Then I remembered to keep in mind that life--mine, his, and ours--has always moved at its own pace.

From the sparkling Eiffel Tower to the lamp-lined rues, boulevards, canal, and river, the accordion players in the metro, the baguettes in the arms of every shopper, the fathers on dates with their toddler girls and the mothers walking arm-in-arm with their adolescent boys, this whole place, rain or shine, was just so much to take in. It will take some time to really digest and absorb all that we experienced. Savoring those days make it that much sweeter. One big thing Paris served was a glimpse into what everything could be. That 'could be' life is so rich with experiences, so rich with love, and always and forever rich in dreams.

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  1. I love you, lady! And I love you (the collective you)! It is such a joy to read of your happiness! Thanks for sharing and having the courage to show one of the innumerable ways that love can look. I miss you, and I hope the three of you float on over to California some time soon for a visit!

  2. gorgeous photos! glad you had such a lovely, wonderful, love-filled time!


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