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Living in a place where there's an actual fall season is still an exciting thing for me. Having spent most of my life in Florida where it's either hot or not-so-hot, I'm really taking in the changing foliage, cooler weather and everything else that comes along with this time of year. Naturally, after having seen photos from my wedding florist's (isn't she adorable?) Instagram of her apple picking excursion with her husband, I was intrigued and convinced Jesse that we should drive an hour-and-a-half north of here to do just that.


Upon arriving, we discovered that it was apparently the last weekend of the season to go apple picking and the orchard we were headed to was the last orchard that was still open to the public to fulfill this task. Needless to say, there were swarms of people who had the exact same idea I did.

Imagine a carnival. Or a state fair. With carnies and fried Oreos, tourists and corndogs, crowds of cranky children and funnel cakes. Now take all of that and imagine it without any neon lights or rickety rides and replace it with an enormous orchard with barely any apples left. That was what we were walking into. Nope. We ate the last of our corn nuggets (you don't want to know) and high-tailed it out of there, thwarting our original plans for something spontaneous instead.

We landed on Downtown Ellijay. Without getting into the gritty details of our day, let's just say that it was not as we had expected, yet we had a great time. We serendipitously ran into good friends of ours in this random Small Town, U.S.A., had a few beers, grabbed some ice cream and caught up on a patio on a beautiful sunny day. We wandered into antique shops, we showed A how to use a real camera and we counted how many scarecrows were around (too many).

The day wasn't a total loss. We spent time with each other outside of our comfort zones and explored other possibilities. We laughed and connected with each other, away from our normal routines. Although apple picking never actually happened, it didn't matter. I already got the best apples of the bunch.

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