enjoy the welcomes.

by - 15:22

Oh, hi. Hiiii. We are well into 2015 and I'm embarrassed that it's taken me this long to acknowledge the new year. So, hello again. I hope your year is going well so far.

What's new with us? Well, let's see. We saw Kishi Bashi play on New Year's Eve. We took A on a streetcar and train excursion around town. We've been staying in a lot hoping for a snowmageddon to arrive (like the two last year), to no avail. Seems pretty ordinary, right? Nothing to see here, folks, keep it moving. But wait. There is something to see. And it's great and fantastic and amazing and we are so so so excited to share. So why don't you just watch the little movie we made and see for yourself? :-) Enjoy the welcomes!

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  1. aaaaaaaaahhhhh!<3 ADORABLE video and congrats to your beautiful familia! what great news :) <3xxo

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