2018 thoughts and musings

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Being current on this blog has been quite the challenge for me over the past few years. It's not that I would forget--it's that I was constantly pushing it to the back of my mind because I felt I had nothing to say. I felt like my posts were stale.

That they were just mediocre and sub-par. But honestly, who am I trying to impress? This blog was started ten (TEN!) years ago as a way to keep in touch with friends and family I no longer lived close to. But with Instagram and Facebook and other social media outlets, the blog kind of took a back seat. Why spend time working on a flowery post when the most recent updates of my life were an Instagram click away?

Also, what started out as a lifestyle/fashion/food blog evolved into more of just a kid/family blog which made me feel like I had moved in a different direction and made me feel a little irrelevant.

But I want to change that. I want this to be my creative outlet where I can share things that both spark joy in my life as well as write about my kids, my family, my husband and our adventures. I want to be able to write about the hard stuff, too. I want to be able to write about my fears and anxieties. I want to be able to openly talk about my depression and how it sometimes feels like a hinderance in what I want to accomplish. I want to talk about how beautiful the world can be even at a time when our current political climate feels hopeless and backwards. I want to talk about vacations and dreams. I want to be transparent and at the same time private--a balance that can be difficult to achieve.

So why not start with this first post of 2018?

This past holiday season, we stayed in Atlanta and hosted our Florida family for a few days. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law along with my niece and nephews came up to ring in the new year with us. It's become somewhat of a tradition for them to come up around this time and it's always fun catching up and watching the kids go bananas. As usual, my wonderfully talented friend Kaleen snapped a few photos of the gang and captured those quiet moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

We made Jesse's family's recipe of sauce and meatballs. We roasted marshmallows and the kids played on a playground we now have in our back yard! We had mimosas and whiskey and laughs and stories. It was a great way to end 2017 and start 2018 with happiness and hope.

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