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Last weekend, our family took a much-needed end-of-summer road trip down to a weird little Florida beach town called Seaside. I say it was weird only because it was one of those manicured and perfect neighborhoods with picturesque houses, cobblestone alleyways and quaint shops and restaurants.  It was actually where The Truman Show was filmed twenty years ago!

Although the water was a little too rough to just let the kids loose, we did manage to squeeze some rest and relaxation on the sand. We watched storm clouds roll in and pass over us while lightning bolts danced across the sky. We ate our weight in seafood and wood-fired pizza. But I think what I loved most about this trip was the time we had together to reconnect and really enjoy each other's company without the distractions and stresses of every day life. Our kids reminded us what it was like to look at the sky and see shapes in the clouds. We made mermaid tails and castles out of sand and pretended to be the captains of bunk bed ships. And when the kids were asleep, we got to sit in quiet stillness and drift into that kind of restful sleep that usually eludes us when we are home. We returned to Atlanta sun-kissed and refreshed, ready to tackle the rest of the year.

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