when we were young.

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Guys. It's 2020 and we are already two months into this decade. Over the holidays, our Florida family came to visit  for their annual New Year's pilgrimage and to do all the things and eat all the foods. It's obvious and inevitable that we all get older each year but it becomes even more noticeable when watching the small people turn into bigger people with big ideas and even bigger imaginations. Watching them evolve into the people we hope they become--loving, generous and mindful--is nothing short of awe-inspiring. They're all still at that magical age where their self-esteem and confidence hasn't been muddied by whatever other influences may enter into their lives later on. To be kind isn't a calculated act; it just is. It is what they know, it is what they've always known. 

With the help of Kaleen's eyes, once again, we catch a glimpse into the mechanics of their minds. The expressions on their faces can tell volumes of stories in each image. Upon receiving these photos, I told Kaleen that I could actually hear what was happening in them. It's that kind of visceral reaction to them that I treasure so much because in the next decade and the other one after that, I know that I'll be able to look at all of these again and be transported to that day where the sun shone on our faces, we laughed until it hurt to smile and our children were still small.

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