a mini-break.

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Pizza in a bus, bocce in a box, brunch with the boys, and a ballsy (no pun intended) hermaphrodite, last weekend was one to remember. Going up to Gainesville just for a day was the perfect mini-break from the Monday through Friday routine that has become second nature to me.

We happened upon the "Promises of Paradise: Staging Mid-Century Miami" exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art which was teeny-tiny but more impressive than I had really expected it to be.

After wandering for a moment, we worked up quite the appetite and headed to Satchel's Pizza, apparently dubbed "Bar-none, the best in Gainesville." We even ended up eating pizza in the bus is forever parked right in front of the restaurant making it a truly authentic experience. Although there was a delay from the time we ordered our food until the time we received it, Satchel's lived up to their word and did not disappoint. Their salad was the jam! It was like a whole head of Romaine lettuce stuffed with all sorts of nuts, shredded carrots, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It definitely teased our appetite just a little bit more as we sat patiently waiting for our artichoke & roasted red pepper pizza and our sausage & green pepper calzone. Seriously. It was the perfect lunch spot.

a little afternoon bocce ball never hurt anyone.

satchel's backyard nursery had some cute plants.

That evening, after some serious convincing from our good friend Danny ("It'll set the tone for the entire evening!"--Um...what kind of tone did we want to set?), we ended up at the Hippodrome State Theatre, a quaint old structure nestled in Downtown Gainesville to watch an Argentine film called "XXY" from director Lucía Puenzo.

A coming-of-age story about a 15 year-old hermaphrodite living with her family along the Uruguayan coastline, Alex confronts things teenagers typically deal with--identity, sexuality, family, etc.--only her confusion is intensified a thousand times over because of a genital anomaly and her struggle with societal pressures to be either male or female, not both. Yikes. Very well done, tasteful, and poignant. Was not what I had anticipated, to say the least.

The weekend ended on Sunday morning with a trip to a local brunch spot called Jones Eastside Eatery. I had the Jones Rancheros which definitely hit the spot. Coffee and a hearty breakfast was all we needed to wrap it all up and make the trip back home. A weekend worth remembering, for sure. Will have to go on more mini-breaks more often.

"oh hermie!"

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  1. sounds like it was a blast! You're descriptions of food always make me hungry.


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