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In a landslide victory, Barack Obama made history on November 04, 2008! I cannot express enough how happy I am that this has happened. Never in my life did I ever feel as interested in American politics until this year. Ryan and I were able to join the early-voting crowds this past Saturday and cast our ballots. I feel like we were a part of American history, especially with Obama's Florida victory!!! With the state of life in this country, it was hard not to be. And although I was stuck in bed with a horrible sinus infection of sorts, I was awoken with the best news I'd heard in in a very long time: Obama WON!

The New York Times had this to say about the history-making election. It brought tears to my eyes. And after reading McCain's gracious concession speech, I have a greater respect for the man who was once an opponent to Obama. Nothing made me feel more warm and fuzzy, however, than Barack Obama's victory speech in front of hundreds of thousands of people at Chicago's Grant Park. Seriously, this is incredible. Hurray to America for shattering racial boundaries! Hurray to everyone who voted Obama! Hope! Progress! Change!

say hello to the first family!

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  1. what a beautiful first lady, and cute kids


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