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A few days ago, it dawned on me (I mean really really dawned on me) that Ryan and I have less than five months (before 13.06.09) to get our acts together for the best one-year wedding anniversary party ever. Ever! Five months is not really a long time, considering most people take at least a year to plan for something like this. But, hey, we work best under pressure so I guess this is pretty characteristic of us. In any event, our good friend and EMCEE for the party, Danny (alias: Business) has given us some great ideas.

Business Business Business.

So without further ado, here is a sampling, quoted directly from Danny himself, of what you may be in store for in the not-so-distant future:

We should definitely come up with a kind of interior decoration/installation theme. I'm kinda feeling plenty of white with maybe some black, bare trees to suggest silhouettes (like elegant Japanese print style).

all above images courtesy of
from top to bottom: "a good catch" / "white ressurection" / "vertical bones"

We could also project black and white movies that deal with the theme of love or beauty (there must be some classic Japanese treasures out there and there's always the Italians, Woody Allen, the French, 'Breatheless'... molto bello).

breathless. jean-luc godard.

manhattan. woody allen.

la dolce vita. federico fellini.

hiroshima, mon amour. alain resnais.

Also, we should put together an incredibly dancy, blow your mind music set (maybe something divided into eras like 50's cocktail party and bossa nova to start, 60's garage/baroque pop for dinner, 70's Italian-style disco to warm up the dance floor, 80's electronica for the robots, then 90's business and modern indie hits for the daring late nighters). It's always good to address time.

Oh, Business Day... so much in so little time but I think it will be great.

Don't you just love Jean Seberg's hair in Breathless? Adorable! And look at that dress out of La Dolce Vita! I love how we are really trying to stick to this theme of '09 being grey-scale. The b/w movies really add that sort of coolness to the whole thing. Upon talking with the husband last night, he agreed that this is an excellent theme to stick with, however, we may need a burst of color somewhere so as not to appear so drab. Maybe a little bit of color in the details (flowers, anyone?) will add a touch of modernity to this whole party. I cannot wait!

So, my dear friends, what do you think so far? I quite like it, I really do. And I think this will be one event not to be missed!


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  1. Sounds like Business knows his business. Great, fun ideas! Since the traditional one year anniversary gift is paper, maybe you guys could hang paper lanterns or paper pom-poms at the venue.

  2. Thanks, Bevahhhh! I know it's a stretch, but do you think you'll be able to come to this, sister?



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