happy new year!

by - 18:01

I have never had a good New Year's. Ever.

That being said, this NYE2009 was simply divine. From start to finish, it was amazing.

Feathered eyelashes, classy broads, bow ties, neck ties, glasses of bubbly, a little Patron on ice, a living room dance party in an Ybor City loft, distorted speakers, the "Gross Pointe Blank" dance, Whitney Houston, break-ups, hook-ups, comedic drama, unbelievables, believables, kisses, friends, black/white photos, red lips, red nails, smiles and lots of dancing. LOTS. It was seriously, a great way to jump start 2009. I'm sure more photos will follow. Keep your eyes peeled.

Happy New Year!

PHOTOS: both NYE photos courtesy of Lauren Colombo via Julie Martins' MySpace page.

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