polaroid: for sale!

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Yes! This is fantastic news! According to the StarTribune, Polaroid has gotten the OK from U.S. Bankruptcy Judge George Kishel to put itself up for sale with the hefty price tag of $42 million. That's right. 42. Million. U.S. Dollars. While this seems like quite the starting bid at an auction, Polaroid has definitely gained quite a following over the years when it first appeared on the market as an instant-camera in 1948. So while I certainly don't have the funds to purchase Polaroid, I'm sure someone out there does. Death to the instant camera? Not so much!

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  1. This is good news!

    I'm confident that Polaroid will continue to be around whether it gets sold or not.

    I'm not sure if you've heard, but a group of ex-Polaroid chemists and manufacturing specialists bought Polaroid’s old factory and equipment and will start production of new and improved integral film which will available in early 2010!

    In the meantime, if you’re looking for film, it IS still out there at affordable pricing. I’ve gotten my supply from www.adessoalbums.com, who is currently offering a “Buy two, get the third FREE” sale on Polaroid 600 film: http://www.adessoalbums.com/polaroid-600-instant-film-single-pack.html

  2. I'm so sure this will happen. Even if Polaroid dies for a bit, it'll be revived in a few years for all of us nostalgic folk. Good to hear it's actually proceeding, though.


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