japanifriends i miss like woah.

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Maybe it's been exactly one year today that I've been away from Tokyo. Maybe it's the change in the weather. Maybe it's just my heart. Whatever it may be, I have been feeling rather sentimental these past few days. I'm missing my friends over in the Land of the Rising Sun like nobody's business. And so here they are in all their wonderfulness. Say hello to...

damion: the most wonderful person in the world.
my soul mate. my heart. my lovely best man.

the loyal we: kate & lindsay. my two best girls over there.

bryan: my breakfast buddy, upstairs neighbor, and heart
consoler. thank you.

jonathan: revealer of secret portugese rooftop bars
and giver of amazing compliments.

tony & yasuko + mido: seriously t+y = best couple ever.
mido = awesomest photographer friend ever.

sven & miho: the most married non-married duo.
mango beers at enjoy house. 'nuff said.

For anyone I might have forgotten, please forgive! I miss you all so much. My heart aches today at the thought that you are all so far away from me.



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