visions in grey.

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Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Turbow is already a household name in the indie fashion world. Known for her signature monochromatic turquoise designs, Turbow has transitioned her palette into yet another monochromatic family, only this time, that family is grey. Her Spring 2009 Spring collection is visually stunning and as testament to its beauty, photographer Tom Hines shot Turbow's newest lookbook. Juxtaposing the ambience of a luxurious Manhattan apartment with that of clean, modern, grey lines, the photographs showcase beautiful contrast and, in my opinion, bring to light just how wonderful Turbow's SAFE line really is. Enjoy the photos after the jump!

Don't you just love these pieces?


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  1. this is a lovely set! yes this is def. the season/year for so much grey :)

  2. thank goodness it is not grey with an "a".

  3. Wow you have such a lovely blog! I love the photographs you have on here they're beautiful! :)

    - if you would like to view my blogs just e-mail me! xoxox


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