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This past Wednesday, Nina from the oh-so-sweet blog Naturally Nina posed a very simple yet thought-provoking question: What is your perfect day? I know this was supposed to be done two days ago, but I've been thinking about it in depth and wanted to dream up my perfect day. So here goes!

  • Wake up to the pull of Ryan's arm around me while he nuzzles the back of my neck and slivers of that soft morning sunshine as it hits my face.
  • Slip out of bed and take Rocco out for a quick walk.
  • Ride the 5-miles back to our apartment with a light breeze blowing.
  • Shower and clean up. Get comfortable in pair of favorite jeans and a t-shirt. Play with Rocco while listening to Handsome Furs.
  • Head to a bookstore to catch up on trashy celebrity gossip, modern architecture, and healthy recipes. Pick up a newspaper.
  • Go home for a lazy afternoon of doing the crossword puzzle together while listening to the Dirty Three on our record player, napping, playing with Rocco (again!) and having a glass of dolcetto.
  • Meet with close friends for a meal with lots of laughter and wine.


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  1. Hurray! I love it. Our days are so similar too - clearly we are meant to be friends :)


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