have a lovely weekend.

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This weekend I am:

1. Getting my hair trimmed.

2. Learning how to thread my sewing machine.

3. Watching "Wendy & Lucy" (how adorable does Michelle Williams look!).

4. Meeting Rocky, a gorgeous American Bulldog (and hopefully adopting him)!

5. Going out for Mediterranean food and a belly-dancing show!

7. Rooftop wine-drinking and then...

8. Sharing a glass with my love.

9. Taking a long walk with Rocco.

8. Waking up super early on Sunday for a photo shoot. (Yay!)

10. Taking an afternoon nap.

11. A bike ride, perhaps?

12. Maybe some Polaroid action.

13. Getting back to the drawing board.

{Have a lovely weekend!}


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  1. ahhh Wendy and Lucy is so good, it broke my heart. I hope to see some picks of your new family member. (love bulldogs!!)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous29.6.09

    Have a fab weekend luv! Sorry I have not been by recently, had to move to a new condo suddenly, fur baby got sick... and now updating my new URL... YIKES...


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