let's go {window} shopping.

by - 09:33

With the rain pouring down and the thunder rolling in this morning, I am finding it very difficult to concentrate on work, even with a lovely café con leche from my wonderful neighborhood Café Hey. So why not go window shopping? Here are my favorites from ModCloth:

{perfect for a dinner date!}

{cocktails with the girls.}

{paired with a tank and flats:
a stroll on the boardwalk.}

{with skinny jeans tucked into brown
boots: sunday antiquing
at the flea market.}

{with khaki shorts and hurache
sandals: sunset beers on a rooftop!}

I think I'm in love with each and every single one of these pieces. Oh, fashion!


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  1. so pretty. I love how you matched up the outfits with things to do it just makes me want to buy them more.

  2. oh i want the top one!!


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