happy 4th of july!

by - 08:58

Happy Birthday, America!

Any plans for the long weekend? Ryan and I are:

1. Having a mini-holiday here!

2. Meeting up with this guy for a wonderfully
authentic Jamaican BBQ feast!

3. Experimenting with light painting with our Diana.

4. Drinking lots of wine.

5. Sitting in a Hamam before going into the...

6. Steam room and then...

7. The Finnish sauna.

8. Doing 5, 6, and 7 all over again!

9. Sleeeeeeping in on a large king-sized bed!

10. Doing some reading by the pool.

11. Admiring some art deco, perhaps?

12. Eating well!

13. Falling in love all over again!


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  1. aweee thats so awesome :) have a great time!!!!

  2. yes this is great. sweet n short peak into ur weekend ;)
    note to self: look into doing sweet little lists such the ones in tsppon <3
    and oh-the standard (LA)... good times


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