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Daydreaming about summer vacations today got me thinking...what ever happened to really adorable flight attendant uniforms? I understand that the girls (and boys!) that fly the friendly skies are under a lot of pressure to keep passengers happy and un-panicked. But, in my opinion, their uniforms have sort of fallen by the way side (except maybe Virgin Atlantic). Some say that they were once too risqué and invited harrassment, while others actually liked them (myself included). And I'm left feeling sort of torn because while I do believe that women should not be objectified, for the sake of fashion, I thought the uniforms of decades past were, simply put, awesome. What do you think?

{Read about the History of the Airline Hostess here.}


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  1. oh my goodness, i love this post!! (better pictures than what i found. so chic! and i totally agree with you.)

    and let me just say, yay for the greyhound! (I want to adopt a dog from a shelter some day too.)

    And I LOVE your new profile picture. How cute are you?! :)

    have a great weekend!

  2. I believe that the uniforms were adorable, too.
    You don't have to be objectified as a woman to have an adorable uniform. Do ballerinas not have a uniform, too?


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