have a wonderful weekend!

by - 17:04

Hello, friends! Happy Friday!
I cannot tell you how happy
I am that the weekend is here.
What are your plans?

This weekend is a little bittersweet for me.

You see, my very good friend Andrea
is moving to Japan

for four months on Sunday!
And while, yes, her adventure will be an
incredible one (to say the least),
that is not to say that she will be missed by
all of us here (especially by this guy!).
So, from the Sunshine State
to the Land of the Rising Sun,
we bid adieu, or should I say, sayonara,
to her and will see her when she returns!

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  1. at least now you have an excuse to send each other fun snail mail! :) happy weekend!

  2. how exciting for your friend! I hate having to say goodbye to someone, but I'm sure she'll be back before you know it, and with plenty of stories to tell.


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