the land of OZ.

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Good Monday morning to you all! Let me tell you about an incredible article I found over the weekend. It has to do with (surprise, surprise) Portland. Ryan has likened Portland, OR to OZ. As in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Oz. That Oz. The perfect place. And while I am not a skateboarder, nor will I ever be (I broke my foot meekly trying to skateboard four years ago), I still have a soft spot in my heart for the sport (and the boys). So what happens when The Wall Street Journal declares Portland the "Skating Capital of the World"? My heart strings are pulled and there is an inexplicably strong force telling me, "Go go go!" Maybe I should click my heels three times, close my eyes, and say, "There's no place like home," over and over and when I wake up, I'll be there.

{A girl can dream, can't she?}

P.S. Upon going through my blog, I've discovered that I do have an abundant amount of posts on Portland. See them all here!


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