a {love} note.

by - 08:43

Dear friends:

Happy Friday! How was your week?
Mine was a bit on the {meh} side due to

lack of sleep,
a myriad of thoughts,
ideas of organization,
and general "where is my life going?" stuff.

Oh, the glue that binds me together is
wearing thin
and I apologize for the
sparseness in my posts.

But I first, and foremost, wanted to say
something to you all.

THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU thank you
so much for reading/viewing my blog.
What started
off as something to do
to pass the time has actually
opened me up
to discover a world full of
beautiful design,
food, architecture, fashion,
and most especially people:


After reading this post from the wonderful
Celia, I could not have said it better myself.
It just warms my heart to
know that
we all share
the same sorts of daydreams.
And this blog has certainly proven that.

So much is changing for Ryan and me right now--both
small (but by no means less important) and large
talking HUGE life-changing monumental decisions)
it leaves me both a little bit frightened
and terribly
excited at what the future will unfold for us.
And although I
have been feeling the stresses
through my comatose teeth-

grinding and incredibly strange and vivid
dreams throughout the night,I have also
thanking my lucky stars that everything
has happened
just as it has.

I wouldn't change anything.

So, again, I apologize for my lack of posting.
I promise to hit the reset button in no time.



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  1. aawww, i just got a little lump in my throat. i'm so excited for whichever way your life is headed and can't wait to hear about all your goings on in the past week.
    big hugs,

  2. i love this post, and i am so excited for you too. i feel like i am in a very similar position, and it can be really scary.

    but you are such a gift to all of us, no matter what you do, please do keep blogging! :)

    love and hugs! nina

  3. Anonymous22.8.09

    Ohmygoodness! So, hello, my name is Melina, and I have been reading your lovely, lovely blog for quite some time now, and it turns out we have a mutual, real-life friend. Melissa, who just visited you recently in Florida with her honey, Ted. Melissa and I were roommates in Chicago this past year! And I happened to recognize you as a follower of the blog she's been doing for her roadtrip, and how small is this world?

    I was actually wondering the other day if she happened to know Celia above, they're the same age and are from LA and just seem as if they'd know eachother... But little did I know that the author of the lovely T Spoon of Sunshine was a friend...!

    Wow. I love this! And I love your blog, so actual comment concerning you post, don't thank us, thank yourself! Keep going, keep going!


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