tune in tokyo!

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To those who have just recently started following this blog: First and foremost, THANKS SO MUCH for reading! It warms my heart. Secondly, these photos are making me miss Tokyo like crazy. After living there for nearly four years and returning Stateside last year, my heart still aches for the giant concrete jungle that I had once called home. Photographer Max Wanger captures the daily hustle and bustle of my life as I knew it then.


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  1. I love these pictures, thanks for sharing. My husband (then boyfriend) lived in Tokyo for a couple of years, I loved going to visit. Its such an amazing city. Eventhough Im in NYC now, it doesnt compare to the craziness of Tokyo! I miss my little trips there.

  2. Anonymous30.9.09

    Shhhh, don't yell at her, but Melissa told me the story on how you two met in Japan when I saw her a few weeks ago... And if the morning-after story you mentioned on my blog is better than thaaat, then lady! you have a whirlwind life :)

  3. Great pics t, I would lovelove to visit Tokyo it seems so quirky and fun


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