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Dear Lovely Readers,

I'm SO sorry for my lack of posts
this past week! So much has been
happening that I have found myself
scrambling for more time during
the day to update my blog. Since
ending my previous job and diving
right into a new one, it has been
non-stop GO GO GO!
Because of that, I feel like I've
neglected you, wonderful wonderful
people. But fear not, I will be back
in absolutely no time to share my
adventures with you all...

Starting tomorrow with the {newly
traditional} Surprise Sunday Breakfast!

It's my turn to do the cookin' so stay
tuned for what I'll have in store.

As always, thank you thank you thank you
ever so much for continually making
me smile with your words, stories, comments,
and everything else you all love to share.

Much love from my heart to yours!



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  1. Anonymous25.10.09

    It's perfectly fine; while we have missed you over the past few days we all know how busy it can get. Awesome work on getting into a new job straight away! Have a delicious Sunday breaky :-) Can't wait to see what it is..


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