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Lovely readers, in about a month, I will be attending a wedding and am in desperate need of a dress*. This wedding is no ordinary wedding, you see. It is my mom's wedding and so it is a rather special event. While she has been remarkably lax about the dress code, it has proven to be a little bit of a frustration not knowing just how dressy I should be. Here are the things to note: it is outdoors in a gazebo by a marina, it is her second marriage (and I'm told that second weddings are not as formal as the first), and it is in the late afternoon. Oh, another thing, it is in Florida, which means that the weather is not exactly autumnal quite yet. That being said, I need your help! Which of these dresses should I go for? {Click on the images to get more info!} ANY input would be most appreciated! xoxo

{*NOTE: This will be my ONE purchase during my self-imposed shopping ban!*}

UPDATE: After all of your lovely input, I have decided to go with the very last dress listed above. I cannot wait to receive it. Thank you all for your oh-so-fashion-savvy help!


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  1. they all are really pretty actually! hard to choose. My favs are #2 and the last one :) I'll be in miami next month as well:) yay florida in Nov!

  2. My favorite is the last one and my second pick is the second dress. I think you can be a little more dressy since its your mom. But I would also gauge what to wear based on what she wears. Hope that helps!

  3. They are all so pretty, but my favorite is the last one. :)

  4. Anonymous13.10.09

    The last one! And I don't even like purple all that much! Hmmm...!

  5. The last one is my favourite! or the first, they're both very casual chic and somewhat nautical :)


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