happy hump day!

by - 08:06

Here's your hump day surprise: Last Friday, I had mentioned that I had "something up my sleeve" that I would soon be showing to you. Well, here it is! I love it and was truly surprised to find out that getting it didn't hurt as badly as I thought it would. It's the sparrow from this Hokusai print. Pretty, right? {What do you think?}

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  1. omg! you are such a rock star! :)

  2. Anonymous14.10.09

    AHHH! YAY!! Ohmygoodness, I LOVE it. So beautiful! And it's done so well! Congrats! And how brave you are, right on your forearm! I'm totally envious. Mines completely hidden unless I'm prancing around in a bra. But I think I'm going to be bold eventually and do something near a shoulder... Wow, YAY!!!!!!!!

  3. VERY cool, you're soo brave as I could never get inked!


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