have a beautiful weekend!

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A major thing happened for me today: it was my last day of work and I am finally moving onto bigger and better things! {Huzzah!} I felt like I was stagnant with no room to grow and so I kissed it good-bye and have never felt better. {Double huzzah!} That being said, tonight, I am going to celebrate with some drinks and Ethiopian food. {Yum!} Not only that, but I plan on continuing my celebrations through the weekend by:

1. Cooking dinner and making dessert for friends
on Saturday evening.

2. Riding my bicycle around town.

3. Getting lots of catch-up sleep and reading.

4. Enjoying the gorgeous weather that will be bestowed
upon us!!! {It'll finally feel like autumn in Florida!}

5. Being surprised with breakfast on Sunday!

What are your plans?
I do hope you have a beautiful weekend!


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  1. Anonymous16.10.09

    I NEED to be that woman in the picture, for solely the haircut and outfit. Oh la.

    Yay for last day of job! Bigger and better is always bestest. Good luck!

  2. sounds like a good weekend!!!!!
    congrats on ur last day!!!

  3. Anonymous16.10.09

    I wish I had your weekend! Sounds terrific. I am studying for med school interviews and shopping for a suit this weekend. Oh boy ... I'd rather be shoping for a cute, girly dress and organising the pics I took in Hawaii. Life!

    Have a super wonderful weekend!!!


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